The Meteoric Rise of KROPS

If you haven’t heard of KROPS yet, it’s more than likely that you will be hearing pretty fantastic news about this company soon. The KROPS app is empowering farmers all over the world to, for the first time, run the agriculture and farming businesses like, well, actual businesses. The first thing you will notice is that KROPS has one of the most altruistic reasons for their operation out of all the companies offer ICO’s. KROPS is going to end world hunger by putting tools and currencies in the hands of people who can use their resources and farms to proliferate food across the world—at prices they negotiate, using the KROPS cryptocurrency, which will make payments easier than ever. Here’s the proof in the design, and while KROPS is at the core of ending world hunger. In January of 2017, KROPS launched in the Philippines, and made 9 transactions for a total of $1,200 USD. By March, the app had 3,000 users registered, $16.7M in transactions as of December, and a total of 100M USD in product inventory. October 2017 saw 4.2M transact—in just one month. Today, the users have doubled and the total product has tripled. That’s a upward  trajectory and rise rarely seen, even by Silicon Valley standards for most startups. This growth track is backed by substantial and warranted facts. Right now, there are 570 million farms worldwide, with 80% of the world’s food being produced by family farms, and 38% of land on the Earth is used for agricultural purposes. You rarely see anything like that anywhere else in the world. This massive impact is responsible for 3.2 Trillion—or 6.3% of the Gross World Product. KROPS is going to connect these farms together into one seamless digital ecosystem—and leverage the skills of millions of other people ready to step up and make a huge difference for hunger across the world. Raised global food production, competitive pricing, and enough production to meet demand are all direct benefits of KROPS—but that’s just the start. Buyers on KROPS will have access to every food source in the world that farmers are selling. That is evidence of a true revolution.

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